The basic idea of Unified Remix is that it 'mixes' clips from various origin into a single stream. This means that players do not see any discontinuity, the stream has a single origin and a single timeline.


Viewer info (e.g. session-id or cookie) can be used to personalize streams on any level. From a personalized stream for every viewer to streams for groups of viewers (e.g. based on geolocation, subscription model) or even a single stream for all viewers (e.g. a bumper).


Creating a remixed stream opens new doors for content owners to monetize content but also offers new options for creating personalized streams of for instance live archives.


Best of all, Unified Remix will create a stream that plays on all platforms in all formats and devices and as such it provides a great multiplatform experience.

  • Dynamic Ad Insertion (VOD)
  • Live Scheduling (Rotating Playlists, VOD2Live)
  • Live Remix (DVR window)
  • Bumper for Everyone (Live)
  • Dynamic Ad Replacement (Live)

First, the SMIL origin creates a SMIL playlist and for instance could call into an Ad network, use a predefined rule (in the CMS) or even co-operate with the broadcast automation to get EPG info to understand at which time the clip should be placed.
Secondly, Unified Remix creates an MP4 file that references the media listed in the SMIL playlist.

Remix is a webserver module that handles HTTP request on-the-fly, dynamically. Requests can be forwarded and cached as it is all HTTP.
Lastly, the Unified Origin ingests the reference MP4 and creates a single stream without any discontinuity: to a player the stream has a single origin and a single timeline.
This SMIL Origin creates a SMIL playlist with two entries. The first entry points to a bumper, and the second entry points to the originally requested media. The first item is the bumper which is shown to every viewer.

It can be one and the same bumper for all, or it could be combined with a geolocation based rule set to for instance show one bumper to viewers from location A and another bumper to viewers from location B.

See the next cell for a demo: a pre-roll in essence is the same.
This SMIL Origin creates a SMIL playlist with pre-, mid- and postroll entries. Any combination is allowed.

Which combination and which items can be determined by a recommendation service or a rule set accessed from the CMS based on the viewer info that is passed from the player (e.g. session-id or cookie).

Please note the demo does not employ subtitles or DRM, which will be provided for in a later stage.

Click here for a demo.
Creating a scalable, performing and reliable catch-up TV or nPVR service can be challenging.

How to deal with fast turn around times for the creation of VOD clips but also how long will you allow your viewers to go back in time?

Could you offer an infinite live archiving solution that also greatly reduces the creation time of clips?

Unified Remix provides
- instantly available clips
- scale, as it’s just files - no database
- playout from the archive with new ads or without ads (by mapping the EPG to the player URL).
- straightforward integration in catch-up TV or nPVR workflows (by mapping archived content to the player URL).

Unified Remix creates a SMIL playlist and reference MP4 from archived content which the Unified Origin then streams to what the player requested.

Moving the content from the publishing point (the origin that is ingesting the live stream sent by the encoder) to long-term archive can be achieved using a batch process.
Schematically this looks like the following:
This SMIL Origin takes information from the CMS (session, cookies, etc) and transforms it into a call into the Ad Network. The list of Ad Content that is the best match for this viewer is returned by the Ad Network.

VAST may be used for the communication with the Ad Network.

Click here for a demo.