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Unified Streaming Live Reference Stream

This demo showcases a live streaming workflow that uses FFmpeg to encode the same stream using multiple synchronize encoders and fmp4ingest to generate SCTE-35 Ad Replacement opportunities which are ingested to Unified Origin and presented as a condition stream for Ad replacement by 3rd party platforms.

The benefits of this solution:

  • Ingest content from multiple synchronize encoders based upon industry specification (here and here)
  • Monetize Live streams by inserting/replacing advertisements
  • Easy to integrate and based on current industry practices
  • Unified Origin prepares the content leaving a third-party service to insert ad through manifest manipulation
  • Offers frame accurate ad insertion because Unified Origin can splice media segments
  • Available for DASH and HLS
Output format: 

The Unified Origin client manifest will be conditioned with 38.4s ad replacement opportunies every 120.04s.
Seemlessly switch tracks from different encoders using the player controls below (note the "Active ContainerID" changing once you've done it!)